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A homeowners association may be exposed – any day and at any hour – to a multitude of risks for which urgent and necessary services may be required in order to resolve them in the most effective manner. Because the peace of mind of many neighbours depends on such services, GENERALI offers comprehensive, complete, simple and flexible insurance for homeowners associations at a truly attractive price.

GENERALI Homeowners Association is a multi-risk insurance designed protect the assets of both homeowners associations and individual property owners against risks to which a residential building, car park or business premises may be exposed. Through a single policy, GENERALI Homeowners Association offers a range of options to choose from so that you can take out the policy that best suits the characteristics, needs and budget of each case.

In addition, taking out insurance with GENERALI will enable you to access the e-Client area, where you will be able to view, revise and manage your policies and claims comfortably and online.

Apply now for your Quote for our GENERALI Homeowners Association insurance and your agent will contact you. If you do not have an agent, check our Network of offices and choose the one closest to you. Join the GENERALI family now!



Basic guarantees for the building

Fire and other damage

  • The insurance covers material damage to the building as a direct consequence of fire, explosion and implosion and lightning strike; smoke damage; impacts from the outside; electrical damage; for spillage or leakage from fire extinguishing equipment and for spillage of liquids other than water.

Total ruin due to works by third parties

  • The insurance covers material damage as a direct consequence of works carried out by third parties in adjacent buildings or buildings, or public works carried out in adjacent streets or underground sites. It also covers the fees for the technical management of reconstruction work. 
  • It covers material damage as a direct consequence of rain, wind, hail and snow; leaks, and flooding.

Guarantees for common areas

  • Damage by water from common piping
  • Covering damage due to water leaks; cost of locating and repairing faults; urgent plumbing costs without damage; and cost of unblocking pipes.

Damage in common areas

  • Covering the cost of repair or replacement due to cracking or accidental breakage of goods such as windows, mirrors, methacrylate, sanitary ware, marble, granite and artificial stone tops, and solar panels.

Theft and vandalism in common areas

  • The insurance covers theft and damage due theft of the common container; theft of common content; theft; embezzlement of community funds; and damage as a direct consequence of acts of vandalism.

Guarantees for consequential damage

  • Covering the cost of demolition, rescue, fire force intervention, mud removal, and replacement of public documents lost as a consequence of damage covered by the policy.

Temporary uninhabitability

  • Covering the cost of renting housing or premises of similar characteristics, or for accommodation in a hotel near the building if the home or premises destroyed is unusable and uninhabitable.

Aesthetic restoration of the common content

  • Covering the cost of restoring the aesthetic appearance prior to a claim covered by the policy.

Additional guarantees for common areas


Exclusive community extension

  • Covers damage due to frost or heat; repair or replacement cost for cracking or accidental breakage of sanitary equipment in material other than chinaware, stained glass and large pots and planters; extension of urgent plumbing expenses without damage, costs due to excess water consumption as a result of leakage or breakage of common facilities; aesthetic restoration of sanitary appliances; aesthetic restoration of common furniture; theft of outdoor furniture from gardens and roofs; and employee disloyalty.

Reconstruction of garden

  • Covering the cost of replacing trees, plants and lawn by other exemplars of the same species.

Fixed machinery breakdown

  • Covering material damage to fixed machinery insured as a direct consequence of human error, hidden vices, breakdown, spontaneous combustion, malfunction and urgent repair.

Guarantees for private areas

  • Daños por agua de conducciones privativas
  • Covering material damage as a direct consequence of accidental water leaks from private pipes; cost of locating and repairing breakdowns.

Breakage of private outer windows

  • Covering the cost of repairing or replacing Windows accidentally cracked or broken, that form part of the insured content in external parts for private use in the building.

Aesthetic restoration of the private content

  • Covering the cost of restoring the aesthetic appearance prior to accident. This is covered by the policy when it affects the insured continent within the homes, offices and premises that form part of the insured building.

Civil liability

  • Covering payment of compensation to third parties that the Insured Party must make as a result of non-contractual civil liability concerning the common property; leaks from common pipes; the actions of the president, vice president and other members of the governing board in the performance of their duties; employer civil liability as a result of damage suffered by community employees while performing their dues in the insured building; and civil liability as a consequence of leaks from private pipes.

Legal defence

Defence and claims

  • Covering telephone legal advice; claims to third parties over rights related to the building, its annexes, common elements and parking facilities; service contracts concerning agreements for the purchase of movable property; defence in municipal administrative affairs; claims to owners for non-payment of expenses; and advance of payment of costs claimed by legal procedure.



  • It offers a complete range of insurance options in a single policy: residential building, mixed building with business premises, detached house development and shared car park.


  • It includes a broad range of covers in order to protect the building from most of the risks that could affect it.


  • It enables a free and flexible range of insurance options to be configured. Based on a recommended standard, a number of optional guarantees and cover limits can be taken out to satisfy the most demanding customers.


It includes a series of unique covers aimed at offering policies that are tailored to your needs. We include the following: 

  • Spilling or leaks from firefighting systems.
  • Emergency plumbing without damage.
  • Extension of emergency plumbing without damage.
  • Heat damage.
  • Cosmetic restoration of common furniture.
  • Theft of furniture in common gardens, courtyards and terraces.
  • Public liability of the chairman, vice-chairman and other governing officers.
  • Maintenance assistance.
  • Pest control.

If your condominium needs more, GENERALI Condominium offers two packages of specific cover for the most exclusive condominiums:

  • Exclusive Condominium extension.
  • Assistance for Exclusive Condominium.


Market price

  • A price in line with the technical reality of the risk, and a broad public liability cover with a compensation limit up to €1,000,000.


With complete advice

  • Advice that can only be offered by true insurance professionals who have extensive experience in building insurance.


With GENERALI’s guarantee

  • GENERALI is one of Spain’s leading insurance companies. Our experience goes back to 1880 and is based on the ability to resolve any problem that you may have.


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Frequently-asked questions:

Who is the GENERALI Community multirisk insurance for?
  • GENERALI Community is aimed at the owners of buildings used mainly as housing. Ownership may be both common (communities of homeowners) and unitary (individual property of natural or legal persons).
  • We can insure mixed buildings that can partly include commercial premises, offices and/or parking spaces. Also included are cases where the exclusive use of the property is for private community parking.
  • Accordingly, there are five activities that we can insure:
- Residential buildings without commercial premises.
- Residential buildings, with shops and/or offices up to 25% of the total area.
- Residential buildings, with shops and/or offices between 25% and 75% of the total area.
- Single-family home residential areas.
- Community car parks for private use.
Valuation of the container must be based on the value of the construction, once the value of the land has been excluded, and not on the market value.

This means that, in case of loss, the building will be valued for its construction value, or total value, and the price of replacement as new, excluding the value of the land and market factors such as valuation of the location, views and other elements that help to determine purchase and sale prices.

The system provides a recommended capital for the container according to the following factors stated in the questionnaire:
  • Total built area:

    - Square metres built flush to the floor, including those that correspond to elements located outside the building, such as sports areas, pool, walls, fences, etc. The square metres occupied by any garden are not included.
    - Square metres built below ground level, basements and parking floors, when these are secured.
  • Construction quality: simple, medium or high.
  • Geographical area: three zones according to province.

The recommended capital will be considered sufficient for insuring the container provided that the information provided by the Policy Holder used to calculate the insured capital, is correct.


  All of the following items belonging to the owner of the building which are located in common areas and meant for shared use: 

  •  Furniture that is attached to the building, moveable pieces and display counters which are not part of the structure.
  •  Mirrors, lamps and ornamental and decorative items in general, provided that their unit value does not exceed €3,000.
  •  Tools, implements, small machinery and material used for the cleaning, repair and maintenance of the building as well as gardens and common installations.
  •  Extinguishers.
  •  Furniture located in gardens, courtyards and terraces, only for the following covers when they are taken out: fire, explosion and implosion; lightning strike, smoke damage and impacts from outside; breakage of common content elements and acts of vandalism, and theft in shared gardens, courtyards and terraces (Exclusive Condominium Extension).

The following are not considered as Content:

  • Moveable and private property • Objects with a unit value greater than €3,000.
  • Motor vehicles, trailers, caravans and recreational craft.
  • Deeds, securities, manuscripts, plans, lottery tickets, postage stamps, fiscal stamps and in general documents or receipts which represent monetary value or guarantee.
  • Cash and cheques, except for cases expressly foreseen in this policy.
  • All of the trees, plants and grass located in the building’s garden. The garden must be enclosed or fenced off for the exclusive use of property owners and condominium residents. Not considered part of a garden are forests, scrubland, pastures or other land with tree or plant species which are not planted for ornamental purposes.

Fixed machinery is a category considered as part of Building that includes all fixed machines and equipment that is attached to the building and not portable and which are for shared use and intended for the operation and maintenance of the building, including:

     a) Elevators and hoists.
     b) Central boilers.
     c) Purifiers.
     d) Machinery for the production, distribution and transformation of electrical energy, with its accessories, and electrical lines for shared use.
     e) Home automation, computer and electronic systems.

Even if part of the building, a separate sum must be taken out to benefit from the optional Breakdown of Fixed Machinery cover.

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