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Como Compañía, queremos promover iniciativas y eventos deportivos, culturales y sociales en las comunidades en las que desarrollamos nuestra actividad. De hecho, cuando promocionamos la marca GENERALI, la principal preocupación siempre es el bienestar de la sociedad en la que actuamos. Buscamos preservar y fortalecer el patrimonio local, cultural y medioambiental a través de diferentes proyectos que involucren directamente a la sociedad.

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Our initiatives can be grouped into the following areas:

GENERALI, Insurer of the Spanish National Rugby Union Team

The sport of rugby endorses values that have much to do with the values espoused by GENERALI; both are based on respect, tolerance, teamwork, honesty, humility, camaraderie, commitment, self-improvement and passion.

Generali sponsors Spain's national rugby team

For all of these reasons, the Spanish National Rugby Union Team and GENERALI have signed an agreement making the company sponsor of the team as well as its official insurer.

The National Team not only wears the same colours as GENERALI; like the company, the team members are also known as “the lions”.

According to this agreement, the GENERALI name will be visible in all the stadiums where the men’s and women’s national teams play, with the brand displayed on advertising boards, posters, programmes and tickets.

Additionally, the GENERALI brand will also appear on the División de Honor National Men’s Rugby XV Team jersey.

GENERALI and Rugby are closely connected and therefore:


GENERALI: Official insurer of the Sierra Nevada Ski and Mountain Resort

GENERALI is proud to sponsor major sporting events. Our goal is to promote values such as teamwork, healthy competition and diversity among young people.

GENERALI Sierra Nevada

Our company supports winter sports. In this regard we sponsor and are proud to be the Official Insurer of the Sierra Nevada Ski and Mountain Resort since the 2014/2015 season. This ski resort, one of the biggest in Spain, has more than 100 km of ski and snowboard routes.

Our active role allows us to offer advice to Sierra Nevada visitors to ensure they enjoy their time at the resort. In addition, GENERALI is also the Official Insurer of the FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships to be held in March.

Our passion for sports is reinforced through our commitment to supporting and strengthening the presence of women in high performance sports. Since 2014 we have sponsored the women’s roller hockey team GENERALI H.C. Palau de Plegamans. In 2015, they were crowned champions of the OK Liga (the Spanish Women’s Roller Hockey League), making it to the European league championships.


Birdhouse Alarm Project

GENERALI supports initiatives that seek to preserve environmental heritage for future generations.

Prevention aimed at the protection of forests and natural parks in Spain is essential today. We face, not only drought and deforestation due to climate change, but also many forest fires that leave behind them large areas of land devastated in our country every year.

In response to all this, in 2015 GENERALI launched its Birdhouse Alarm Project to help protect the world's largest home, our planet. Birdhouse Alarm, implemented in the Nocedo Forest in the township of Llanes (Asturias), comprises a fire detection system in the form of a birdhouse. If smoke is detected, this device sends a message with the location to the emergency services. This enables emergency services to react in a maximum of 30 minutes, making Birdhouse Alarm one of the fastest early detection systems available.

The birdhouse is not intrusive to the environment, as the roof is made of recycled wood, it uses solar energy and acts as a nest for birds, giving them a home that is totally integrated into nature.

Learn how it works:

In our desire to continue protecting the environment, we have also applied this technology to protect Millenary Trees, which form part of our heritage. We speak of trees that are more than one thousand years old, of which there are very few in Spain. The first millenary tree we have protected with Birdhouse Alarm was in the Tejedelo Forest, in the municipality of Requejo de Sanabria (Zamora).

In our commitment to the environment, Generali also offers all customers the possibility of receiving their documentation and communications in a digital format, reducing paper consumption.
GENERALI is committed to integration, inclusion in the workplace, and diversity. Social initiatives serve to improve the society we live in, as well as raising awareness and increasing sensitivity among both present and future generations.

Día de Reforestación

That is why, for 10 years now, GENERALI has worked with the Adecco Foundation, a non-profit committed to the integration into the workplace of people with disabilities. The huge range of initiatives include, particularly, the following:
  • GENERALI aids the relatives of company employees with disabilities.
  • The Company organises days when employees volunteer to work with people with disabilities. Outstanding among these initiatives is Reforestation Day. These events enhance the team spirit and integration, as well as enabling trees to be planted in particularly damaged areas.
  • Jobs have been adapted to enable people with disabilities to be taken on.
  • GENERALI takes part in awareness-raising campaigns such as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3).
The Company also awards an annual prize to an association working for the well-being and development of the society: the "Solidarity Insurance Awards", organised in cooperation with INESE.

Similarly, GENERALI takes part every year in the charitable event "Dear Three Kings", ensuring that the children of needy families do not go without their Christmas presents.

Finally, GENERALI supports and promotes such global initiatives as The Day Without Light and environmental conservation campaigns.


The problem of abandoned dogs in Spain affects 120,000 dogs each year. At GENERALI we worry about the things that worry you. That is why we have set out to alleviate this problem by promoting the responsible adoption of dogs. We want to give them a place to live while also helping to make our customers’ homes safer. To facilitate this adoption, and with the help of a canine association, we these train dogs to acquire useful skills and turn them into Superdogs!


At GENERALI we are committed to society and especially to children, which is why we collaborate with Fundación Juegaterapia.
We have collaborated with this organisation in the refurbishment of disused hospital rooftops to turn them into beautiful gardens where children admitted as patients can play outdoors. And in order to uplift the spirits of children subjected to long periods of isolation, we also collaborate to transform their hospital rooms into "Lunar Stations". These are educational rooms equipped with the latest technological advances where sick children can have fun while under the hospital’s care.

Food Bank

Generali’s Food Bank Initiative

At GENERALI we are concerned about social inequality. It is for this reason that we have launched the Food Bank initiative aimed at collecting as much food as possible for distribution to soup kitchens. In 2017, we managed to collect more than 20,000 kg of food thanks to one of the company’s main strengths: our branches, which are distributed throughout Spain and full of employees and intermediaries who are committed to this social cause.

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